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Levitra is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in men by diverting the blood flow around the body towards the penis. Levitra is often chosen by many men because of its reduced number of side effects when compared to other erectile dysfunction drug treatments; Levitra is also commonly used by men because of its extended effective time of up to five hours, which is greater than many other erectile dysfunction drugs. Although it must be obtained by prescription only the options for purchasing the drug include the ability to buy Levitra online.

Levitra is one of a number of erectile dysfunction treatments that are known in the medical industry as PDE5 inhibitors, this group of drugs work by pushing more blood towards the penis and filling the two chambers of the penis with blood when aroused. One of the major attractions of Levitra over other erectile dysfunction drug treatments is the lack of side effects associated with the drug. Many other PDE5 inhibitors are associated with vision problems in users and can lead to a temporary loss of sight in some men using the drugs. Levitra is not associated with any vision issues and is often chosen by physicians and patients looking for an effective erectile dysfunction treatment.

Other issues that lead many men to buy Levitra online include the ability of men to take the oral treatment when they have issues with type 2 diabetes, many other erectile dysfunction drugs cannot be taken by those with diabetes. With an effective time of up to five hours Levitra allows the user to take the drug many hours before anticipating sexual intercourse will take place, the short waiting time of around 30 minutes before becoming effective is also shorter than other erectile dysfunction treatments. Many users of Levitra also enjoy the fact the treatment can be taken before a night out that will include food and alcohol; although the effects of Levitra are delayed by fatty foods, other foods and alcohol do not have a negative effects on the effects of the drug. The effects of other forms of erectile dysfunction treatment are often reduced when the treatment is combined with food or alcohol.

Many men decide to buy Levitra online in an attempt to reduce the remaining social stigma associated with erectile dysfunction. Many men using Levitra decide the use of an online pharmacy is the best option for them to avoid any embarrassment they may feel about the medical condition.